Silver Ring

$45.00 $40.00

Name of Stone – ZIRCON
Material Used – Silver
Ring Size -Adjustable
Color of Gemstone –  White
Treatment of Gemstone – none
Astrologically- Very Effective


  • Zircon gemstones are known for channelizing Venusians powers of attraction that makes it apt fit as a substitue of Venus. It is also preferred as a best substitute of diamond as it is quite effective for the spiritual growth of wearer. Zircon gemstone silver rings are quite beneficial for Taurus and Libra Moon signs and it is lucrative in bringing peace and purity along with rational thinking in the life of wearer. On Mohs’ scale, its hardness is 7.5 that are slightly lesser than diamond but it comprises same refractive index and luster of diamond. It also includes same glossy sheen that diamond gives and all this makes it perfect substitute of diamond. It is a gemstone of Planet Uranus and it is beneficial for Crown Chakra while diamond belongs to planet Venus and is responsible for heart chakra.

    Some of the noticeable advantages & characteristics of Zircon Gemstone Ring are:

    • Zircon gemstone is helpful in letting wearer stay focused. It also erases all types of negative energies from wearer’s body. It is also important for letting wearer have a beautiful and appealing body
    • Zircon birthstone is effective in unblocking the Sahasrara Chakra which is also known as the central crown chakra of human body. This chakra is important for deciding awareness of human existence and if it will be blocked then it may impede success by creating fear of death
    • Zircon gemstone is found in several colors like brown, white, yellow, and orange and so forth. This gemstone is zircon silicate that is found universally in all types of rocks
    • It has a tetragonal structure that further generates white brilliance
    • It also offers some amazing healing effects that make it quite preferable as ring, pendant or bracelet
    • It solves all the bad luck problems and it is also helpful in enhancing wearer’s memory and preventing migraines and headaches
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