Panchdhatu Ring

$40.00 $35.00

Name of Stone – Emerald
Ring Size -Adjustable
Origine of Gemstone- Brazil
Material Used – Panchdhatu
Treatment of Gemstone – none
Astrologically- Very Effective


  • Gemstone Panchdhatu ring is highly beneficial in protecting owner’s chastity. Panchdhatu gemstones combine five metals and those metals are gold, silver, copper, iron and zinc. This inclusion of five metals is considered similar to the nature’s inclusion of five elements – water, fire, space, earth and air. This makes Panchdhatu gemstones highly effective in balancing human life and nature. It comprises zodiac power that synchronizes life energy in the most invigorating manner. As per scriptures, Lord Krishna bestowed a shield upon Arjuna that was made of Panchdhatu during Mahabharta. Panchdhatu ring provides same types of protecting shield.

    Gemstone Panchdhatu ring is made according to zodiac sun sings in a customized manner and some of its noticeable characteristics are:

    • Panchdhatu ring enhances will power, confidence, concentration, and assertiveness of wearer. It is also extremely effective for ensuring good health, prosperity, fortune, and tranquility in wearer’s life.
    • Astrovedicgems provides Panchdhatu Rings apt for your zodiac sun signs. Ring will be of gemstones chosen by you or suggested by your astrologers. We also provide fully genuine birthstone ring of untreated and unheated quality
    • As per ancient Vedic Astrology, wearing Panchdhatu rings is highly sacred feel that channelizes positive healing energy all around wearer’s body
    • It is highly beneficial in resolving problems related to mental stresses and depressions. Panchdhatu ring is also effective in opening the ways of success
    • Wearing Panchdhatu ring will also be advantageous in improving personal and professional life of wearer. It is very significant in improving business revenues
    • It also plays significant role in the life of those who belong to creative fields as it improves perceptive and intuitive power of wearer
    • Decision making ability in critical situation is very important and Panchdhatu Ring helps wearer in doing so with an ease
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