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Transit Prediction

Transit Predictions play a major role as the planets constantly move which has an impact on Birth chart, Janam Kundali and the Natal Chart. This transit happens through the different stars which can provide different results in a human’s life. This prediction can help in analyzing the transit movement with respect to the planets and the report is provided for a period of three months. Our Panditji would be replying to all kinds of queries either personally or through an email after the consultation.

An appointment is important which will be communicated to you appropriately. We have several clients who rely on our astrological readings as they are accurate and dependable in the USA. Their trust in us has helped to come on a digital platform through which many more people can be helped through our Vedic Knowledge. We can help people in being aware of the unforeseen problems and show a path which can guide to handle those aspects.

For all kinds of astrology issues that occur due to the transit of the planets we provide an alternate way to resolve the respective issue. We provide right kind of remedies based on the predictions that are easy to follow and to work on. This was the intensity of the negative impacts can be less as predicted based on the Kundli. The services provided by us are carefully designed and the transit predictions are one such rare service found. Being in a country where finding a efficient astrologer can be hard, we have come up with an idea of being digitalized. This way people can directly consult us online and provide the transit predictions.

In the predictions we have four tabs and sections for all the Planetary Transit related services and all you need to do is select according to the need. Up on personal consultation, you can get even better idea on how the transit predictions work and the solutions it can provide. Contact us for further queries and we will get back to you.