• Ring Mounting  (Gold or Asht Dhatu Ring Mounting)

    Astrovedicgems.com provides your gold or Asht Dhatu Rings as per your horoscope that will let your fortune be in your favor. Providing custom design is also one of the prime specialties that we comprise. Wearing a gold ring on the ring finger lets the wearer be attached with divine consciousness. It is called that gold ring channelizes divine energy (Shakti) into the lives of wearer. Asht Dhatu ring mounting comprises eight metals and they are Gold, Mercury, Silver, Iron, Copper, Lead, Zinc and Tin.

    Some benefits of Gold Ring Mountings are:

    • It is beneficial for creating pressure on finger that enables acupressure to take place which offers great health benefits
    • It is also quite effective in removing black energy obstacle as it receives divine consciousness
    • It offers great spiritual benefits
    • It is associated with radiance of Sun and it is also the only metal that never tarnishes and resists

    Characteristics & Benefits Associated with other Metals of Asht Dhatu Ring Mounting

    • Mercury is highly beneficial and it is considered as highly auspicious in Vedic scriptures. It is understood as the source of supreme energy and useful in controlling diseases like Asthma, Blood pressure and it is quite significant for enhancing sexual power.
    • Silver is associated with Moon and is used for providing protection against all types of magic and negative energy. It neutralizes planetary negativity and aids in dreams, creativity, psychic abilities and intuition
    • Iron is related to Saturn and it provides power of self-defense. It is quite beneficial for effectively ensuring energy, determination, strength, will power, courage, fertility and aggression
    • Copper related to planet Venus and is mainly beneficial for money and fertility related purposes. It enhances adaptability and channelizes warmth and perceptive ability
    • Lead is associated with planet Rahu and is highly beneficial for business and real estate purposes
    • Zinc is known as most sacred and pure metal that is important for channelizing reliability and strength in one’s life
    • Tin is related to planet Jupiter and it is highly beneficial for meditation, honor, wisdom, relaxation, wealth and knowledge
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