• White Zircon is known as the most effective gemstones that is preferably used as a best alternative  of Diamond gemstone. It offers great benefits to all those who are born with Taurus and Libra Moon Signs. White Zircon incorporates brilliant sheen that diamond has and it a gemstone of planet Uranus. It efficiently works on Crown Chakra. Astrovedicgems.com provides top quality Colorless zircon that perfectly incorporates flawless white shade with a uniform pleasing cut. White Zircon provided by Astrovedicgems includes 95% clarity (& above) and all gemstones available here are untreated and unheated.

    Some of the amazing benefits associated with White Zircon are:

    • It is best substitute Gemstone for the planet Venus and it is most popularly used as a substitute of Diamond. It is considered as a good gemstone for getting financial luck, prosperity and health. White Zircon offers appealing beauty to the body and its wearer gets powers of attraction
    • Its health benefits includes great physical healing that aids in managing Diabetes and ailments related to reproductive system
    • White Zircon is considered as a lucky gemstone for those who are involved in creative careers and entertainment. It offers great benefits to professionals who belong to music, public relations, acting, event management, writing and arts. It is also beneficial in making wearer attractive and so popular
    • Astrologers for improving interpersonal relationship suggest White Zircon as it channelizes harmony, love and happiness. It is also considered quite amazing for martial or coupled life
    • It helps in unblocking of the Sahasrara Chakra that is also called as central crown chakra which channelizes awareness and enthusiasm in body. Blocking of this chakra may lead to lack of enthusiasm and fears of death. This stone helps in enhancing wearer’s memory and enthusiasm. It also prevents migraines, headaches, and other emotional problems
    • All your problems associated with upper respiratory system can be resolved through white zircon. It resolves problems related to bronchial infections, cough, cold and asthama
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