• Blue Spinel is a one of the most auspicious and effective stones for Shani/Saturn. Sapphire is also considered as effective for solving Shani problems but Blue Spinel is quite affordable compared to Sapphire. Astrovedicgems offers beautiful Blue Spinel as an alternative of costly Sapphire as it is beneficial to use a substitute than using Sapphire of mixed and lower quality. It provides similar energy as the lighter blue sapphires and it is also effective in channelizing healing powers in wearer’s body. It offers a wide range of colors from pale, to deep pure blue and grayish blue. You can also find it with slightly violet touch. It is flawless to eyes and we provide unheated and untreated Blue Spinel that channelizes healing and soothing powers in wearer’s life. It has oval, round, cushion, and emerald cut shapes. Three carats or larger Blue Spinel is ideal, but if you prefer stone of smaller stones, still that will provide good effects

    Some Characteristics and benefits of Blue Spinel are:

    • Blue Spinel is mainly found inIndia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mozambique and Brazil.
    • Saturn is a malefic graha (planet) that rules over Capricorn (Makra) and Aquarius (Kumbha), which exalts in Libra and falls in Aries. Blues Spinal resolves all the problems that may be created due to negative impacts of Saturn
    • Blue Spinel is also effective in providing healing powers and it offers divine power that channelizes mental peace, happiness and wealth. It removes all hurdles of the natives life and wearer will always get a better repute in society
    • It is advised to wear Blue Spinel in Center finger of working hand for getting its maximum benefits and it should must touch your finger skin
    • It offers great physical healing that invigorates wearer in the most astrological and spiritual manner
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