• Phenakite gemstone is considered as the most powerful gemstone that is used in crystal healing. It is highly beneficial for spiritual growth and it open one’s mind. Its name is derived from Greek word phenas that means deceiver and Phenakite got this name due to its properties of resembling pattern with other minerals even as a gemstone it can be mistaken for diamond. It comprises great healing potential and it can clear, align and activate all the chakras of wearer’s body. It is also important for rejuvenating wearers body by increases vibrations of life energy in the most apt manner.

    Phenakite is powerful and rare beryllium silicate mineral, which has been mined along with chrysoberyl and emerald. It is generally found in Yekaterinburg in the Urals region of Russia, Urals Mountains, Pikes Peak region of Colorado, Madagascar, Norway, Myanmar, Brazil and Zimbabwe. It is either milky or transparent and it also comes in so many different colors too. Generally it is colorless but it can also be found in white, pink, yellow, brown or light red colors. Astrovedicgems provides gemstone that is a powerful and affordable alternative of White Sapphire and it is a great crystal for channelizing astrological advantages of planet Venus.

     Some of the amazing benefits of Phenakite are

    • It can be efficiently used to heal neural disorders as it offers physical healing that resolves all the issues associated with nerve damage and cerebral imbalance
    • Phenakite is effective in activating third eye chakra of wearer that provides better intuitive thinking by clearing mind and providing insights
    • It is effective in promoting meditation and providing access to the regions of the mind that is beyond intuition and hence blissfully provides spiritual healing
    • Healing provided by Phenakite takes place on a quantum level that ultimately provides wearer supreme bliss
    • This stone is also widely preferred for its rare beauty and amazing clarity. It also provides an aesthetic appeal to wearer
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