• Astrovedicgems comprises tissue nucleated pearls that are highly powerful freshwater pearls which are solid pearl jewels that do not have beads inside. All such pearls comprised by us are tissue nucleated 100% natural pearls that include a centralized nucleus that makes is highly effective and reasonable for astrological purposes. Tissue nucleated pearls offered by us include white glow that displays brilliant luster. These pearls are round shape and blemish free, and such features set make them perfect and beneficial alternative of natural pearls. Astrovedicgems incorporates a wide collection of different tissue nucleated pearls that range from three to twelve carats and hence we fulfill all your astrological requirements related to nucleated pearls. Nucleation of pearls can be understood as the process that begins with the growth of a cultured pearl. The process includes inserting something into a pearl-producing mollusc for triggering the production of nucleated pearls. Astrovedicgems has natural pearls in stock that lets us be one of the most prominent Tissue Nucleated Pearl suppliers.

    Some Characteristics and Advantages of Tissue Nucleated Pearl are:

    • It has a color of white or cream white
    • Size offered for Tissue Nucleated Pearl are 3 carats and up
    • It also offers brilliant luster and it appears quite glowing from its inner side and it includes round or you may say virtually round shape
    • Tissue nucleated pearl has smooth skin and it does not have blemishes or pits
    • Due to high popularity of such pearls, some quake makers provide tissue nucleated pearl that has flat bottom and dull chalky luster, and that’s why it is important to be aware of such pearls.
    • One should also avoid Japanes Akoya pearls as they are too thin and almost useless
    • Tissue nucleated Pearls that have blemish surface, a shell, other nucleus or a bead, will not be astrologically effective and they should also be avoided
    • It is highly effective in channelizing emotional and spiritual healing to its wearers and hence it is advised by astrologers for providing a fulfilling life to wearer
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