• Rubellite exhibits red color and is the most valuable and preferred form of tourmaline that is popular due to its color and brilliance. It is also preferred as one of the most beautiful Gems for mounting. This stone was highly valued, as talisman in ancient times and it has been popularly used for quenching unnecessary thirsts. It aptly works with Root Chakra and brings strength, conviction and courage into the life of wearer. It resolves issues related relationships and heart hostages. It brings power that break frees wearer from impeding conditions and lets them function beyond all the impediments, and hence it aids in getting success in different life endeavors. Rubellite is also helpful in providing support in transitional period through its emotional healing powers. Its emotional healing is highly beneficial in critical phases of life like financial losses, relational breakups, emotional wounds and other emotional blockages. It is significant for opening Heart Chakra and hence it ultimately brings the lost joy in the life of wearer. Majorly it is found in Madagascar, Brazil, North America, Myanmar (Burma), Siberia, Africa, Australia, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

    Some of the noticeable benefits and characteristics of Rubellite are:

    • It is effective in improving overall circulation of energy throughout bodies and chakras of its wearers
    • It stimulates will power, memory and intuitive abilities. It heals all the disturbing emotional problems quite significantly
    • It is very effective in bringing cognitive awareness, and compassion that help wearer in understanding situations aptly and taking decisions significantly for the betterment of present life
    • It is one of the most positive crystal and it supports those who work enthusiastically
    • Rubellite also includes balancing power that lets wearer stay in the state of equilibrium while facing different life situations
    • It translates earth energy into wearer as it has connections with earth on emotional level and hence it is also quite lucrative for balancing equation of human being with planet earth
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