• South Sea Pearl gemstone is highly loved by men and women of all the ages, as it is quiet, beautiful and offers gentle shine. It also includes endearing softness and it comes in Black, White, and other colors with Tinges of Yellow, Salmon Pink, Blue, Red, Green and Brown. South sea pearl is also known as queen of the sea and sometimes, it is also popularly known as Queen in Jyotish. It is highly precious stone for Moon and it is covered with material that is made of fish shells.

    Some special characteristics and benefits of South Sea Pearl are:

    • South Sea Pearls are considered flawed if they have cracks on the skin, moles, joint appearance, or if they are lusterless. One has to be aware about such flaws. If south sea pearl has mud or other material inside, then that should also be avoided. Astrovedicgems provides best quality south sea pearls
    • Real South Sea Pearl gemstone gives a taste of sand granules while fake one tastes like glass. Another way of checking fakeness is seeing it through lens, real one will show two points of nucleus that cannot be found with fake one
    • South Sea Pearl bestows happiness, good health, loyalty, and fulfillments. It belongs to Moon and influences emotions of its wearer in the most fitting manner. It provides emotional stability by calming the mind
    • It is quite beneficial for women as it provides luster to their face and also aptly regulates their menstrual cycle
    • It is highly influential for regular cycles and associated rhythms of physiology and emotions of wearer as it channelizes physical and emotional healing in the most spiritual manner with great astrological benefits.
    • Such influence of South Sear Pearl is known as hypothalamus and it offers great benefits in properly managing reproductive cycle and hormonal flow of wearer
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