• Green Tourmaline is a versatile gemstone in the mineral world and it has the qualities for purifying energy of its wearer. It can efficiently clear the blockages in your energy meridians and hence it rejuvenates its wearer through a fresh flow of joy, compassion, and vitality. Astrologers suggest it due to its protection features that are offered to wearer through its physical and emotional healing capabilities. It is advised when you find your energy level depleted and low and sometimes it is also called as verdelite. Green Tourmaline has been loved for its enigmatic properties since ancient times. Upon being heated or rubbed it can be electrically charged and because of such nature, in ancient times; it was popularly used for drawing ash out of the different smoking pipes. Beautiful and vibrant stone that includes healing properties make it fitting for the well being and health of wearer. It is quite abundantly found in Brazil, Pakistan, Africa and Sri Lanka but Brazil is known for proving best quality Tourmaline. It has its color from chromium impurities.

    Some of its important characteristics and benefits are:

    • It is quite popular due to its ability to provide an energy field that lets wearer enjoy prosperous and invigorating life
    • Green Tourmaline also provides androgynous energy which is combined healing energy of male & female
    • Used as jewelry Green Tourmaline is helpful in improving creative and intuitive ability of its wearer. It also protects wearer from common electromagnetic radiations that generally come out from different technological gadgets and equipments
    • Spiritual healing along with emotional and physical healing is quite astrologically done by Green Tourmaline
    • For caring Green Tourmaline gemstones, it should be detoxified by dipping it in water overnight as this will remove all the negative energies that may be carried by it on routine basis
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