• Rhodolite is derived from “rhodon” and “lithos” Greek words that mean “rose stone” as it has a color range from rose to pale violet. Rhodolite is considered as stone of Inspiration that channelizes love and compassion via heart and mind of wearer.┬áIt also helps wearer to receive abundance on an emotional level as it neutralizes the feelings of inadequacy, as it is the most powerful stone for emotional healing. Rhodolite is too helpful in recovery of sexual abuse, shame or guilt and it is also quite significant for resolving lung and heart disorders. It is connected with zodiac sign of Aquarius and it offers great physical healing energy by stimulating metabolism. It enhances blood quality and circulation and it is advised by astrologers to wear in cold weather. It is the most common kind of Garnet and it is a combination of almandine and pyrope minerals, and that is why it is also called as pyrope-almandine garnet.

    Some of the characteristics and benefits of Rhodolite Gemstone are:

    • These stones offer great Healing Energy as it can lift the burden of guilt and sick emotional memories and related feelings. It is also effective in channelizing healing energy in wearer that provides ultimate bliss by providing a path for success and happiness
    • Chakra healing and Balancing Energy are two other advantages of Rhodolite gemstones and through this it provides spiritual support to crown, heart and base of its wearer. It is also important in invigorating kundalini energy of wearers
    • Rhodolite Spiritual Energy is effective in improving intuitive, creative and perceptive abilities of its wearers. It is also effective in providing better concentration power to its wearer
    • Its color healing provides ray of passion that lets wearers lead a emotionally intense and fulfilling life. It lets wearer to be fearless and self-confident
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