• Red Spinel is one of the most attractive and historically important gemstones whose names Spinel is derived from Greek word used for “spark” that reference to fiery red color of Red Spinel gemstone. Spinel is one of the hardest minerals and is popularly preferred by jewelers due to its brilliance, color variety and hardness. It is also considered as a durable gemstone which is apt for all types of jewelry uses. Red Spinel is a real, attractive and natural gemstone which is quite rare and unique. Spinel’s red variety was earlier believed as Ruby and it has been quite predominantly used in crown jewels. Historically famous Black Prince’s Ruby that currently adorns Imperial State crown in British Crown Jewels is actually Red Spinel. Hence Red Spinel comprises a legendary legacy with itself. It is mainly found in Burma, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ceylon, Afghanistan, USA, Sweden and Australia.

    Some of the important characteristics and advantages of Red Spinel are:

    • It offers great healing power and it lets the wearer have compassion and live a life beyond miseries and egos. It has also been used traditionally for providing longevity to its wearer
    • Red Spinel is significant in increasing physical vitality and reenergizing the body and it only needs normal care
    • Red Spinel is also known as the stone of immortal beauty and sometimes it is also mistaken as Tanzanite, Sapphires and Ruby
    • Red Spinel comprises inner energy that it brings from Mother Earth and through that it channelizes spiritual power into the lives of wearers and also let them be followed by better destinies
    • Red Spinel is also considered as an effective stone for aura cleansing, energy channeling, astral travel, clearance and perceptive powers that let the wearer have better decision making ability. It also heals wearer through its physical and spiritual healing energies
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