Certified Iron Pyrite

$160.00 $150.00

Name of Gemstone – Pyrite
Origin of Gemstone – Brazil
Approx Ct. Wt of Gemstone – 45.13 Ct
Approx Dimension – 26.28mm/19.12mm/5.64mm
Shape / Cut of Gemstone – As Depicted
Color of Gemstone – As Depicted
Astrologically- Very Effective

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  • Pyrite gemstone is highly helpful in balancing hormonal rhythms and it also eases the discomfort related to menstruation. It offers great benefits in clearing up confusion of one’s physical symptoms and helps in providing accurate diagnosis. It draws pain from its wearer’s body and it also removes depression symptoms. Pyrites gemstone is important in reducing fevers or swelling and for this it should be dirextly used on physical body. It is also known as Fool’s Gold but nothing is foolish about this mineral. It includes gleaming beauty with a hidden fire that can be effectively channelized to life. It is an Earth element and that is why it resonates with Fire energy.

    Fire energy of Pyrite gemstone symbolizes with the warmth and lasting presence of the sun that provides it’s the ability to generate wealth by one’s own power and it is also said to be masculine in nature.

    Some of its Important Facts associated with Pyrite Gemstone are:

    • Name Pyrite of this gemstone is derived from the Greek pyror pyros that means fire. It has ability to emit sparks when its pieces are struck together or against any other hard surface
    • It is understood as a stone of action, will and vitality. It enhances one’s abilities and potential by effectively stimulating flow of ideas
    • It quite significant brings confidence and the persistence in its wearer’s life and lets things be completed
    • It provides defensive shield against negative energies, emotional attack, environmental pollutants and physical harm
    • Pyrite stimulates Second and Third Chakras of its wearer that enhances will power and the ability to see what is real.
    • As a shielding stone it is highly helpful when one is away from home or performing hazardous work or going on a long journey
    • It guards against ongoing criticism or manipulation by any partner, employer and others. It provides power to resist without being angry and it balances all the human powers
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