Ruby & Emerald

$30.00 $25.00

Name of gemstone: Gemstone Lot
Origin of Gemstone – Brazil, India, Madagascar
Gemstone Name – Sapphire, Ruby & Emerald
Carat Weight – 62.00 Ct.

Color – As Depicted
Treatments – None

  • Natural Sapphire Gemstone: Natural sapphire gemstones are highly beneficial from astrological perspectives and such gems provided by are untreated and unheated. Sapphire without any color is mostly considered as Blue Sapphire which is a gemstone of Saturn as per  Astrology. Saturn or Shani is very influential and it can be the reason for making or breaking one’s life. Natural Sapphire is effective in removing all the malefic effects associated with Shani or Saturn. It is effective against Shani Sadhe Sati or Shani Dhaiya sorts of problems. It is beneficial in providing wealth, health, fulfillment, peace, and ability to lead a life with full of confidence and ebullience.

    Ruby Gemstone: Ruby is known as one of the most popular gemstones, which is related to Sun that rules confidence, power, authority and status of wearer. The Sun is integrated to soul of individuals and proper channelization of its energy play a significant role in dealing with career and the worldly activities of that individual. Ruby is also important for maintaining a healthy life with absolute vitality and it is beneficial for immune system and willpower of wearer. It helps in achieving success and greatness in society. By wearing a Ruby gemstone of at least 1 carat will be effective in increasing popularity and professional status of wearer. It is also effective in curing diseases related to eyes and heart.

    Emerald Gemstone: Emerald is a popular gemstone related to Mercury that is known as the planet of intelligence, communication, speech, commerce and trade. It is significant to improve learning, perception and creative abilities in its wearer. Emerald is also beneficial to the nervous system functioning and it is important for improving intuitive thinking.    An emerald of at least 1.5 carat is greatly effective for giving good results in trades and businesses. It is perfect for all those who work with computers and information technology.    Emerald makes its wearer to complete all the pending tasks in quickest possible manner and it offers great results for those who are in public speaking professions.

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