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Name of Gemstone – Mystic Quartz
Origin of Gemstone – Brazil
Approx Ct. Wt of Gemstone – 12.04 Ct
Approx Dimension of Gemstone – 12mm/12mm/8mm
Shape / Cut of Gemstone – Trillion Faceted
Color of Gemstone – As Depicted
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Mystic quartz is kwon as a powerful ornamental stone that is also an alternate birthstone for the month of January. It is beneficially associated with emotional balance, forgiveness and fulfillments. This gemstone is first seen around 1998 and it is a natural colorless (white) quartz that can be coated and given a unique rainbow color effect. It is also understood as an enhanced clear quartz. It is called mystic quartz because its attractive changing colors appear attractive, deep, unusual and quite mysterious. This gemstone can be identified by its kaleidoscopic color and hardness that is 7 on the Mohs scale.

    Mystic Quartz’s raw material is rock crystal and its some of the most important deposits are found in Brazil, USA, Alps and Madagascar. It is very helpful for your health, mind, memory, and all the related emotions. As an additional life energy, Quartz nourishes, aligns and balances your all the emotional, physical and mental significance

    Some of the amazing benefits of Quartz Gemstone Pair:

    • It increases your energy and boosts your confidence
    • It brings more balance, harmony and grace in wearer’s life
    • It promotes balance in the relationship amongst your mind, body & emotions
    • It also aptly channelizes your mind’s creative and analytical aspects and after any traumatic experience it helps you in regaining your balance
    • It helps you in making better decisions
    • Quartz balances your whole being if it is worn on neck while if placed on specific areas then it balances those areas
    • Wearing Quartz Gemstone pair as necklace brings balance to wearer’s all physical processes that includes functioning of endocrine, nervous system, organ, circulatory system, digestive processes and so forth
    • Quartz provides more life force to your physical body and it also has great healing effects
    • It offer automatic channelization of health and healing benefits
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