Panch Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelet

$35.00 $30.00

Type of Rudraksha – 5 Mukhi

Approx length – 5-9 Inches (Adjustable)

Origin – Nepal & China

Astrologically: Very Effective

  • Rudraksha bracelets provided by Astrovedicgems are made of Five Mukhi Rudraksha that is associated with Lord Rudra Kalagni. Bracelets includes a fix number of beads of Five Mukhi Rudraksha and is offers absolute purification & healing to its wearer in the most spiritual form. It is helpful in channelizing strength, intelligence, success, beauty, parental affection, relational satisfaction and hence it guarantees an ebullient, fulfilling life of its holder.

    It lets wearer move in the path of truth and alongside that, it is also effective in ensuring worldly pleasures for wearer. Bracelets include adjustable threads that lets it fit on wearer’s wrist quite aptly. Channelization of nature’s five forms of energies (fire, air, water, sky and earth) into wearer is done by this bracelet that safeguards wearer from all types of negativities and evil forces.

    Some Importance Facts & Advantages of Five Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelets are:

    • Five Mukhi Rudraksha bracelet channelizes benefits of planet Jupiter that channelizes learning and wisdom in the life of wearer in an spiritual and beneficial manner
    • Rudraksha bracelet is also effective in resolving problems of those who are having depression and pessimism problems in life as it offers best emotional healing
    • Rudraksha bracelets are quite effective in purifying all the vices, impurity, faults and sins of wearer. It lets holder be purified from all types of negativities and blockages
    • It is effective in avoiding untimely death of wearer and it nullifies all the life threatening causes from wearer’s life
    • It normalizes blood pressure of wearer as it soothes down the soul in the most peaceful manne
    • Different types of complexes like inferiority or superiority or other emotional issues that impede success of wearer are get resolved through Rudraksha Bracelets provided by Astrovedicgems
    • Astrologers advise such bracelets for resolving health issues related to respiratory systems such as asthma, bronchitis and so forth
    • It is considered favorable in channelizing physical and emotional healing in wearer’s life
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