• Rudraksha Mala is a Siddh Mala that is preferred due to its highly energized existence. This energized Rudraksha is advised by astrologers due to its synergistic action between different types Mukhi embedded in it in a fixed ratio that channelizes most effective healing in its wearer. In a single Mala different Rudraksha-Mukhis are strung tail to tail and face to face basis as per the instructions given in scriptures. Blessings of deities associated with particular Rudraksha are channelized into the life of wearer that ensure happiness, knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, success, abundance and spiritual enlightenments. Such Mala is beneficial in offering multidisciplinary actions for wearer that lets wearer live a life directed towards right path where success and spiritual bliss are ensured. Astrologers advise Mala with fitting inclusion of 1 to 14 mukhi Rudraksha as per specific requirements of wearer that resolves all types of physical and emotional issues of wearer. Rudraksha mala is beneficial in turning dreams into reality and holder of this gets blessings of Lord Shiva in all the form which ensure supreme bliss and inner consciousness for wearer.

    Some Advantages Associated with Rudraksha Mala are:

    • Rudraksha is associated with Lord Shiva and Rudraksha Mala comprises all the blessings of Shiva in the form of healing energy that ensures good health and wealth in the life of its holder
    • Rudraksha Mala is understood as best for meditation and other spiritual practices
    • It is highly preferred for Tantrism and spiritualism and it is considered quite effective for Nara gosha & Graha dosha removal purposes
    • Rudraksha Mala is considered as the primary source of good health, good fortune, medical values, prosperity, financial successes and it also eradicates all types of evil forces from wearer’s life
    • Rudraksha Mala contains the electromagnetic power that comprises cosmic rays and transmission of such power in wearer’s body ensures perfect health and effective healing
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