• Astrovedicgems.com provides one of the most fitting pendant mounting as per the horoscope of individual in a customized manner. Fining your lucky gemstone in pendant mounting is quite easy with Astrovedicgems as our astrologers provide Gold or Asht Dhatu pendant mounting that is designed after analyzing astrological significance of your horoscope. Making of pendant takes days as per the designing and special requirements, and users can update us about the preferable designing by contacting us and we will provide best custom design for your pendant mounting. Gold pendant mounting includes beneficial properties of Gold while Asht Dhatu includes proper ratios of Gold, Mercury, Silver, Iron, Copper, Lead, Zinc and Tin.

    Providing pendant mounting of best quality is assurance of Astrovedicgems and some amazing benefits of Asht Dahtu mounting are:

    • Gold: It is beneficial in channelizing great health benefits and removing black energy obstacles. Gold pendant mounting provides divine consciousness and it is significant for providing spiritual benefits. Sun belongs to this that channelizes power in wearer
    • Mercury: It is considered highly auspicious in Vedas and it is a source of supreme energy. In asht dhatu it controls diseases such as BP, Asthma and it is also lucrative in increasing sexual potency
    • Silver: it belongs to moon and it important for providing protection from negative energies and black magic. It also neutralizes planetary destructions from one’s horoscope. Its inclusion in Asht Dhatu is important for providing creative and intuitive abilities in wearer
    • Iron: it belongs to Saturn and provides courage, determination, will power, fertility, potency, calmness with needed amount of aggression
    • Copper: It is connected with planet Venus, it is important for money, and fertility related requirements. Copper in Asht Dhatu enhances adaptability and perceptive ability
    • Lead: It belongs to planet Rahu and its inclusion in Asht Dhat is responsible for real estate and business growth
    • Zinc: it is considered as most sacred and pure metal and its inclusion in Asht Dhatu is effective for channelizing reliability and strength in wearer’s life
    • Tin: it belongs to planet Jupiter and in Asht Dhatu, it provides honor, wisdom, wealth, meditation and knowledge
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