• Sphatik or spetic Mala provided by Astrovedicgems is spiritually known for channelizing power and amplifying inner energy. Spetic is quite effective in absorbing, balancing, channelizing and transmitting inner energies in sync of natural energies and hence it removes all types of negativity from wearer’s life. You can easily buy this Mala from Astrovedicgems shopping portals and your mala will be customized as per your preference and horoscope significance. Spetic Mala includes Sphatik Gemstones that is quite similar in appearance to a diamond and it is also considered as an affordable replacement to expensive diamonds. It also belongs to Venus and in Spetic mala, it acts as a stone of clarity. It is very useful in purifying mental, physical and spiritual existence of wearer and it also provides healing energies that rejuvenates its wearer.

    Some of Noticeable Characteristics of Spetic Mala are:

    • Beads of Spetic mala are cut in shape and they include 108 plus 1 bead that offer concentration and soothes the soul of wearer by cooling body heat
    • It is very useful for meditation purposes and it is advised to use while worshipping Maha Lakshmi, Gayatri, Shukra, Ram, Saraswati, Ganpati and Sai Baba
    • Spetic crystal is good absorbers of positive energy and it is effective in providing electrochemical equilibrium in the body
    • Spetic has great healing powers and when it is used in Spetic Mala then it energizes blocked sections of human body. It offers universal applications irrespective of horoscope
    • Spetic mala is best for improving sleep cycles of the wearer and it also channelizes smooth energy and blood circulation in the most fitting manner
    • From physical healing to better memory, spetic stone is too effective. It also plays important role in channelizing compassionate feeling
    • Wearing spetic mala during prayers is considered highly spiritual and it also helps in comprehending instinctual and perceptive powers
    • It heals crown chakra and belongs to planet Uranus
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