Blue Iolite

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Gemstone Name – Iolite
Origin of Gemstone – Brazil
Carat Weight – 4.35 Ct
Dimension of Gemstone – 11mm/9mm/5mm
Type of Shape – Octagonal Step Cut
Color – Blue
Treatments – None
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Kakaneeli Iolite provides positive energies that channelize vitality in wearer’s life. It offers grounding and centering and enhances creative stimulations and it also helps one to stay in present. Its effective properties bring harmony to self that is really helpful in not getting distracted while mediating. It is important for enhancing intuition and it further brings prophecy and spiritual vision. It also provides physical protection from so many diseases by aptly establishing constitution of body whose malfunctioning can be the reasons of physical disorders.

    Iolite gemstone delivers best results as an alternative to the blue sapphire or Neelam and it is also widely known as Shani priya (Dear of Lord Shani). In some of the cases it offers more powerful result that blue sapphire that makes it one of the strongest gemstone. Due to such strong powers it is advised to wear it after thorough analysis of astrologers. It focuses on solution and hence removes all the impeding difficulties of life.

    Some of the noticeable advantages of Kakaneeli-iolite Gemstones are:

    • Iolite is the Gemstone of Higher ideals, knowledge, values, consciousness and realization
    • It is preferably used in Insomnia as it offers great positive impact on the sleep cycle and biorhythm that lets it improve the quality of rest and sleep
    • It is highly beneficial in improving intuition and enhancing perceptive powers
    • Iolite is extremely helpful in providing protection from all types of diseases and it also boosts immunity and gives strength
    • Iolite is important in balancing male-female energies and it removes nervousness
    • It provides stability and independence. It is also highly effective in resolving problems
    • It is effective in removing addiction and alcoholism. Iolite removes toxins from energy centers of human body and it is also preferably used for degeneration of liver
    • It is highly beneficial for those who are associated with intense physical activity and athletics
    • It also includes great healing abilities that cure varicose veins, sore throat, blister, eruptions sorts of problems
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