Turquoise Gemstone

$70.00 $65.00

Origin of Gemstone – Middle East
Color – Green
Carat Weight – 84.09 Ct
Approx Dimension – 47mm/33mm/9mm
Shape and Cut- Fancy Cabochone
Treatments – None
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Origin of Firoza Turquoise is Middle East and it is befitting to promote leadership that makes it beneficial in your career related matters. It is considered amongst the oldest stone in man’s history as it has been most popular stone for protection, which is strong and opaque that is quite soothing to touch, and healing to eyes. It looks like carved from an azure heaven and slipped to earth and its name is lead from its unique shade of blue, mostly blue-green that offers tranquility.  It has spanned all cultures and it has been prized as a symbol of nobility, wisdom and the power of immortality.

    Turquoise is also quite valued as an ornamental gem that is predominantly considered as a symbol of male power. Turquoise is a talisman of luck, ambition, creativity and success that empowers men and women quite effectively. It is known as a crystal for travel and it protects you and your possessions against all types of theft, attack or loss. It prevents accidents, especially injuries during falls and it also safeguards your pet.

    Some benefits associated with Turquoise Gemstone are:

    • Turquoise is effective in restoring clear vision to the mind when thinking of an individual becomes muddled and hence it ensures good fortune
    • If used in the workplace then turquoise promotes leadership and assists in relocation or regular travelling associated with your career. It also helps you in avoiding unwise investments
    • Turquoise overcomes the writer’s block as it is a stone of clear communication
    • Turquoise is a good amulet for all those who work in the law
    • Turquoise is recommended for accountants and computer operators for their mental relaxation. It is also befitting for those who work in radio or television as it is effective to release anxiety
    • Turquoise offers physical healing energy and it is an excellent anti-hysteria stone
    • Highly effective stone that offers self-forgiveness and releases useless regrets
    • Turquoise is best for creative people too as it enhances creative skills
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