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Gemstone Name- Kyanite
Origin of Gemstone – South Africa
Carat Weight – 9.30 Ct
Approx Dimension- 13.70mm/9.85mm/6.14mm
Shape and Cut- Oval Cabochon
Color – Blue
Treatments – None
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Kynite gemstone creates high vibration and rapid transfers of energy that create pathways that let you find success and absolute fulfillment. It acts as a bridge that is an extraordinary crystal of connection and it opens mind centers. It is also greatly beneficial in enhancing telepathic and psychic abilities and bridging gaps in all the communication efforts made by its wearer. It also provides a link in between transmitting or receiving healing energy. Kynite gemstone aligns chakras and subtle bodies and hence brings tranquility and provides a calming effect to wearer. If one wished to have transition in meditative states, then Kynite Gemstone will be perfect. It is one of two minerals, which neither accumulate nor retain negative energy and because of that it never needs cleansing. Its energies make it an excellent stone for metaphysical purposes, and it is also used for clearing other crystals. Blue Kynite is most seen Kynite gemstone and it efficiently brings all chakras into alignment.

    Some amazing advantages of Kynite Gemstone & Related facts are:

    • It is a high vibration crystal which is extremely effective for aligning chakras of its wearer that offers most effective healing
    • It also aids in development of spiritual and psychic realms of human existence. Kynite calms the mind and it also allows you to go deep into the restful and relaxing state
    • It provides best emotional and spiritual tranquility that is needed for mediation
    • Kynite has has been predominantly found in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Australia, Burma, Mexico, Brazil, USA and so on.
    • It also includes strong crystal energy and third eye energy. It is greatly beneficial in dream recall
    • It is also helpful in bringing confidence while speaking and it boosts your self esteem
    • It is best guardian of spirit and it aligns all the chakras. It lets you find the supreme bliss in the most spiritual manner
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