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Astrovedigems.com includes Jyotish/Astrologers who are well adept in creation of Jyotish Jewelry as per your requirements, and for providing accurate gemstones as per your specific needs, we perfectly calculate your astrological Vedic birth chart. We have well reputed traditions of creating Jewelry for our Jyotish Gem Customers, and some of the most popular Jewelries provided by us are Women’s Jyotish Rings, Women’s Jyotish Pendants, Men’s Jyotish Pendants, Men’s Jyotish Jewelry and so many other highly precious genuine gems’ Jewelries.

Personalized Planetary Jyotish Gems

Our experts are well known in determining the best personalized Planetary Jyotish Gems as per your zodiacal sign and planetary arrangements. This is a time consuming procedure, but we expertly handle the whole process, and that is why we are referred by most of the reputed Astrologers/Jyotish of India, due to the authenticity of our working culture.

Custom Designing of Jewelry

To acquire a custom Jewelry Setting for your Jyotish Jewelry, Astrovedicgems.com is best and most preferred place. Our experts work with you in determining the exact design and metal that you wish to have in your gemstone setting. We also design custom jewelry as per the suggestions given by your astrologers. We present some of the samples of customized Jewelry designed by us for our esteem customers, and you may see and get an idea about the designing of your Jewelry through them. All the Jewelry Setting comprised by us are designed as per the Vedic tradition and hence, we ensure that authentic light touch of gemstone on your skin, which is the prime feature of all the Genuine Jyotish Gemstone Jewelries.

Once Jeweler Setting is finalized then we quote you the price, aptly decided through Jewelers bid, and when you give your consent for the designing of Jewelry at the quoted price then we let our jeweler go ahead and design your Jyotish Jewelry as per your preferred Jewelry Setting. Designing of Jewelry may take time of 2 to 4 weeks, which may vary as per the current workload of jeweler. Once your Jewelry will be designed, we’ll contact you to take your Jewelry after paying cost of jewelry Setting along with the charges related to shipping and insurances.

Wide Options of Jyotish Jewelry Design

Our designers are well capable in designing any types of jewelry beyond the settings mentioned in samples, and hence, with us you are not only limited to the designs given in samples. All the jewelers comprised by us are very experienced and well talented who can make almost any type of jewelry design that you would wish. Jewelers can design as per the copy, photo or sketch provided by you and further, they are dexterous enough to create a unique Jewelry design as per your description. We can provide jewelry setting in yellow gold, silver, white gold or platinum in the best possible aesthetic manner.

With Astrovedicgems.com, you can get silver jewelry, made in traditional sterling silver or fine silver. We also provide silver/platinum alloy jewelry that has 92.5% silver and 3.5-5% platinum, which gives a blissful feeling and ecstatic appearance to your jewelry. Such jewelries are more tarnish resistant compared to different traditional sterling silver jewelries.

We are eager to serve you by creating the Jyotish Gemstone Jewelry as per your preference because Jyotish Jewelry Designing is something where we are just incomparable.