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Jyotish science is an ancient science that has been offering remedies for various problems. The science of light offered by our ancestors can guide us through the darkness and find the perfect remedy. There can be various uncertainties in day to day life and to be prepared in a better way by wearing gemstones can help. When we do not know what can happen, an astrological remedy is most helpful. The Gemstone remedies can channelize the zodiac energy. Incapability in handling zodiac energy is the major cause of illness or unfavorable aspects of life. We are here to suggest and provide the best solutions for problems through wearing natural gem and crystals. The natural metaphysical properties of the gems can help us look beyond consciousness and understand the essence of life. Spiritual healing is the most effective way to find a solution for any kind of issues. As the presence of gem on the body can help in understanding the planetary energies with respect to our horoscope, we can always be a better person than before. In this way, a clear understanding of ourselves can lead to handling the problems in life in an effective manner. Apart from suggesting a suitable gem, we also read horoscopes and other aspects. For any inquiries and details, contact us for further assistance.

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Ruling Planet Sign Ruled Primary Gem Secondary Gem
3rd Choice 4th Choice
Sun Leo Ruby Red Spinel Rhodolite Rubellite
Moon Cancer Natural Pearl Tissue Nucleated Pearl South Sea Pearl Moonstone
Mars Aries, Scorpio Red Coral Carnelian
Mercury Gemini, Virgo Emerald Green Tourmaline Peridot
Jupiter Sagittarius, Pisces Yellow Sapphire Yellow Topaz Citrine
Venus Taurus, Libra Diamond White Sapphire Phenakite White Zircon
Saturn Capricorn, Aquarius Blue Sapphire Blue Spinel Amethyst
Rahu Hessonite (Gomed) Spessartite
Ketu Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye

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Gemstone Identification: How to Identify Gemstones

“Healing doesn’t mean that damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our lives.” As this famous proverb says that damages may occur, but once you start healing yourself constructively, you get the key of your control in your hand, not the damages or negativity. Gemstones provide you that key, which maximize your energy for life and guide you towards a path where you can unlock the magic of Health, Happiness & Healing, which is our prime motive and vision. By sticking with originality, we provide you therapeutic gemstones with twenty-four-carat crystal clear purity.

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The best Indian Astrologer & Gemstones Astrology consultants Empower you with the most personalized Free Astrology Horoscope Analysis and Reading Services that enable you to live a positive and productive life beyond the shackles of negative energy.

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