Rudraksh Bracelet

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This bracelet has been designed using Picture Jasper and Rudraksh beads.


  • Rudraksha beads are popularly used to create designer Rudraksha bracelets and they are also quite beneficial in dispelling negative energies from wearer’s surroundings. For beading Rudraksha bracelet an elastic band is used that fits bracelets on anyone’s wrist. Finishing and styling offered by these bracelets are quite elegant. We provide it in a customized way as per your preference by picking Rudraksha as per your horoscope requirements. Along with some high spiritual powers, such bracelets also provide beautiful aesthetic soothing appeal.  Rudraksha seeds create a unique vibration that channelizes life energy into the life of its holder and some of its amazing benefits are:

    • It is astrologically befitting for someone who is constantly on the move and who eats and sleeps at different places. It is so apt for creating cocoon of ebullience and that is why those who continuously go on for some business or other trips, they should wear Rudraksha bracelets
    • Rudraksha is quite sensitive against positive and negative quality substances and it will let you understand positive and negative energy around you quite effectively. It also creates a shield that will protect you. It rotates clockwise for positive substances and anticlockwise for negatively energized substances
    • Rudraksha bracelets bestow happiness and provide solution against all types of miseries that may occur due to loss of wealth or other sorts of financial crisis. With Rudraksha it is assured that all types of financial ill-effects will be dispelled from holder’s life.
    • As per Vedic scriptures, Rudraksha is extremely beneficial in preventing diseases of heads such as paralysis, stroke and so on
    • It is also quite powerful in boosting the concentration and will-power of the wearer and it is also beneficial in giving source of fertility to all living beings
    • Rudraksha is also important for harmonious relationship between couples and family members
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