Rudraksha Pendant

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This is a Ruby – Manik and Rudraksh Pendant in Silver.


  • Ruby & Ganesh Rudraksh Pendant is made of the holy combination of Ruby Gemstone and Geanesh Rudraksha that has a trunk like elevation as is seen on face of Ganesh that provides perfection and fulfillments. Pendant is designed in shape of Lord Ganesha who bestows wearer with knowledge, riches, wealth, beauty and bliss. The pendant comprises all the benefits of Ruby & Ganesh Rudraksha.

    Some benefits associated with Ruby Gemstone are:

    • Ruby can help in overcoming timidity and it is associated with Sun who gives boost to self confidence
    • It benefits wearer in getting support from authority, state, and administration
    • Ruby is also connected with passion and love and it is considered as a┬ámark of undying love
    • It also comprises healing and revitalizing power and it is highly beneficial for those who are suffering with depressions and stresses
    • Earlier times it was a mark of luxury and authority which made it favorite stone of kings
    • It is helpful in decision making as it solves all the confusions
    • it also offers medical advantages as it is helpful for blood circulations and eyes sight
    • Ruby is helpful in channelizing self-awareness and realization of truth. It also lets wearer follow the right path

    Some Benefits associated with Ganesha Rudraksha

    • Ganesha is worshipped as the remover of obstacles and he is also the first to be worshipped among all the gods and all his blessings are channelized into the life of Ruby & ganesh Rudraksha pendant holder
    • It blesses with ridhi-sidhi that lets pendant holder get absolute abundance in their life
    • It is very beneficial for those suffering from malefic effects of planetary negativities
    • It is quite helpful in deep mediation and it also provides control on evil desires and jealousy
    • Ganesh Rudraksha is important for professional success
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