• Quartz Cat’s Eyes looks like the eye of a cat and it represents the planet Ketu. It is one of the most preferred stones of Brahmins and Indian priests. It is smooth and good to touch and it is found in various colors and shades like gray, honey, black, and yellowish green. It is quite significant in nullifying the effects of Ketu. Quartz cat’s eye offers great benefits to those who wish to keep himself healthy and active as it is significant for proper channelization of intra-body and inter-body health factors. Cosmic number associated with cat’s eye is seven and it makes its wearer prosperous, healthy, determined, wise, and helps in getting good children. As per person’s occupation, astrologers suggest shades of Quartz Cat’s eye.

    Some of the benefits of Quartz Cat’s Eye are:

    • It is helpful in providing happiness in relation and protection from enemies. It also assists in gaining insights, intuitive abilities and psychic powers that channelizes better perceptive powers
    • Quartz cat’s eye is beneficial for those who wish for gains from speculations, gambling and stock market. It also assists to those who practice witchcraft and it is effective in providing protection from hidden enemies, intoxication, and negativities
    • If one has badly placed Ketu in their horoscope then that can lead towards bad reputation, scandals and rivalries. All such problems are resolved by Quartz Cat’s eye. It also solves problems related to Sun’s positioning in one’s horoscope
    • It helps in solving problems associated with epidemics and chronic disease. Quartz Cat’s eye provides protection from viruses and bacteria and additionally, it safeguards wearer from natural disasters and accidents
    • It also relieves wearer from vices and channelizes positive energy into wearer’s life
    • Quartz cat’s eye is significant with its healing abilities too, as it provides physical and emotional healing to its wearer
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