Haqeeq Stone

$60.00 $50.00

Name of Gemstone – (Haqiq)
Color of Gem – White
Total Carat Weight – 23.88 Ct
Origin of Gemstone – Brazil
Approx Dimension – 21.47mm/16.70mm/5.81mm
Shape/Cut – Cushion Cabochon
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Sulemani Haquiq or Aqueeq gemstone is a variety of the mineral quartz that comes in a great variety of colors such as blue, white, lavender, buff, light tan, yellow,  gray, pink, brown or red. Chalcedony or Aqueeq is known to increase the spirit and internal support, additionally it is useful for eye related problems. Chalcedony or aqueeq is also said to strengthen faith, joy, friendship and better emotional balance.

    Aqueeq or Chalcedony gemstone is also revered as a religious gemstone that has been in use from the time of Hazrat Adam. It is understood that it absorbs the rays of the sun and passes that onto human body that is quite beneficial for good health. It also protects children from envious eyes and as per Hazrat Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq (a.s.) saying; a namaz conducted with Aqeeq is forty times better than one done without it.

    Some of the amazing benefits of Sulemani Haqiq (Aquiq):

    • It offers beneficial mental grounding power that lets its wearer focus on the present for those important moments in life when absolute concentration on a particular moment is must
    • It is an important source of confidence, inspiration and eloquence
    • It can assist mind to stay out of mental ruts and instigates your creative power
    • Aquiq bolsters ambition and reminds wearer about the future’s goals that helps wearer in better and effective decision making
    • It also offers great medical benefits as it deeply nourishes your physical body by fostering cooperation amongst all of your body-parts
    • It coordinates your body’s myriad function and it floods you with life-giving energy
    • Sulemani Haquiq stimulates, enhances and sharpens mental functions of its wearer and it improves memory, clarity and lets wearer see things from highest viewpoint
    • For being therapeutic, Aquiq must be free of any types of rock matrix or non-Chalcedony inclusions. It should also not appear muddy or dull and it is suggested that there should be no cracks as that may disrupt its frequency that channelize energy into its wearer
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