Cat’s Eye

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Gemstone Name- Cat's Eye
Origin of Gemstone – Ceylon Mines (Sri Lanka)
Carat Weight – 14.85 Cts
Approx Dimension of Gemstone – 17mm/12mm/10mm
Shape/Cut – Oval Cabochon
Treatments – None
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Oval Cabochon Cat’s Eye Gemstone is astrological gemstone, which is related to Ketu that is moon’s descending node. Cat’s eye is a shadowy entity and it is called as planet of enlightenment or Moksha Karaka. Cat’s-eye comprises a variety of chrysoberyl that includes a distinct band of light all across its face that sweeps from side to side. It is quite predominantly recognized in Eastern cultures as powerful talisman, which can efficiently direct one’s fortune. Cat’s eye is also known as lehsunia and it is considered as shadow planet due to absence of its own physical body. If one wears cat’s eye of at least 1.5 carats then it is said to exalt spirituality and psychic ability that further protect you from many mysterious diseases and dangers.

    Cat’s eye remains in a retrograde state and it is quite preferably used for satiating Ketu and other related stars. It quite efficiently empowers spiritual tendencies, non-attachment, and asceticism, along with psychic powers that quite competently solve all your emotional and spiritual problems. Golden color of Lehsunia Cat’s Eys reflects that it belongs to quartz family.

    Some noticeable benefits associated with Oval Cabochon Cat’s Eye Gemstone are:

    • Cat’s eye is related with effective problem solving associated with ghosts or spirits or other astral forces. It is quite effective in bringing fortunes to the life of gamblers
    • Cat’s Eye is highly effective and immediately starts providing results to its natives. It can aid you in getting back your lost wealth. It also protects you from all your enemies.
    • It is worn due to its power of making natives more spiritual and by wearing a cat’s eye; wearer will have better awareness and memory.
    • It can be extremely helpful in treatment of different problems related to head, bones and joints. It lets wearer gain energy and it is quite helpful in solving problems associated with physical disorders.
    • Cat’s eye is effective in treating bronchitis, migraines, headaches and asthma.
    • Various psychological disturbances such as depressions can also be effectively eliminated through Cat’s eyes. It is also extremely beneficial in maintaining concentration.
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