one Mukhi Rudraksha

$4,000.00 $3,650.00

Type of Rudraksha – 1 Mukhi Rudraksha
Origin of Rudraksha – Nepal
Shape of Rudraksha – Round Bead
Treatment of Rudraksha – 100% Natural
Approx Weight – 04.539 gms.
Approx Dimension – 19mm/18mm/18mm
Astrologically: Very Effective

  • One Mukhi Rudraksha is understood as the king of all the different types of Rudraksha beads. It is ruled by pure consciousness and it can bring you immense power, fame, wealth, luxuries, self confidence along with spiritual fulfillment. It is known as the divine object of veneration and it is also understood as the link between heaven and earth. This is also considered as the mother of all other Rudrakshas and it symbolizes formlessness, godhood, deathlessness, supreme truth, and hence it acts as a channel that guides the wearer towards the attainment of immortality. It is associated with lord Shiva who frees wearer from the circle of birth and death. It is also important for material and spiritual fulfillments of wearer.

    Some noticeable Characteristics and Advantages of One Mukhi Rudraksha are:

    • Therapeutic advantages include curing of migraine with 7 days. It is also beneficial in solving psychiatric problems such as OCD, Anxiety and Depression. It is also advised for solving neurotic and psychotic disorders
    • One Mukhi Rudraksha governs Sahasrara Chakra and hence provides clarity of mind and maintains connection to god
    • One Mukhi Rudraksha is beneficial for channelizing super consciousness into its wearer, as it is associated with Sun. It is also effective in enhancing the level of concentration and decision making abilities
    • One Mukhi Rudraksha is beneficial for the houses that have Vastu problems. It also offers great worldly pleasures along with spiritual bliss to all the members of house
    • It can be found in half moon shape and round shape. Half Moon One Mukhi Rudraksha is easily available on family tree of Rudraksha, while round Rudraksha is considered quite rare. On the ground of importance, both are same
    • Physical, emotional and spiritual healing are also aptly assured by One Mukhi Rudraksha and it lets its wearer survive in the most potent and competent manner
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