Name of Gemstone- Ruby
Origin of Gemstone – Madagascar
Carat Weight – 5.30 Ct
Approx Dimension – 24mm/20mm/7mm
Shape/Cut – Octagonal Cut
Color – Red
Treatment: none
Astrologically- Very Effective

SKU: 50

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  • Octagonal Cut Madagascar Mines Ruby Gemstone is an astrological gemstone related to the Sun that rules confidence, power, status and authority of an individual. Ruby is related to soul and it has a great role to play with person’s career and other worldly activities. Sun ensures maintaining of healthy body, immune system, vitality, and the willpower that are channelized in one’s life through Ruby Gemstone.

    By wearing a ruby of at least 1 carat, you can improve your professional status and popularity. Additionally, Ruby is also useful in curing diseases of heart and eyes. Ruby, the birthstone of sun sign Leo, provides perfect channelization of respect, status, dignity, wealth and power of sun to its wearer.

    Some Amazing Benefits of Octagonal Cut Madagascar Mines Ruby Gemstone of are mentioned below:

    • Ruby or Manik stone has symbolized royalty since ages. It is known to bring status, dignity, wealth, professional success and the power of social influence to its wearer.
    • It brings recognition and respect when worn by people who are in top-level Government and Administrative jobs.
    • Ruby is believed to strengthen the planet Sun in its wearer’s horoscope. It has been noted that people who have a strong positioning of Sun in their horoscope have a luxurious and sophisticated life and always mark their presence wherever they go.
    • Sun (Surya) is symbolic of ‘Father’ in Astrology. Wearing a Manik ratna (gemstone) strengthens paternal relations, improves father’s health and increases the likeliness of inheriting a successful legacy.
    • Medically, Ruby symbolizes the Heart, the Eyes and Bones. It is believed that wearing a Ruby gemstone benefits Heart conditions, improves the eye sight and makes bones stronger.
    • It is said that Manik stone benefits its wearer’s metabolic activities and increases their body temperature.
    • Ruby stone, which is also known as Manik is associated with royalty since ancient times and it widely preferred for bringing wealth, respect, prosperity, esteem, power and fulfillments. Due to such properties, the individuals who are in top-level Administrative and other same types of jobs quite predominantly wear it.
    • Ruby strengthens planet Sun and as per astrology, people who have strong positioning of Sun in their Horoscope, enjoy fulfilling, sophisticated and luxurious life. It lets them make highly impressive presence wherever they go.
    •  Sun (Surya) is considered as the ‘Father’ in Astrology and by wearing a Ruby; one can aptly strengthen paternal relations and can also improve the health of father. It lets wearer enjoy successful carrying of paternal legacy.
    • Ruby offers amazing medical advantages as it symbolizes the Heart, bones and the Eyes. By wearing Ruby gemstone, you can enjoy better heart condition with stronger bones and well-improved eyesight.
    • Ruby gemstones benefit metabolic activities of its wearer and also increase their body temperature.
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