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Name Of Stone: Moonstone Gemstone
Origin of Gemstone – Sri lanka
Carat Weight -8.08 Ct (8.50 Ratti+)
Approx Dimensions – 13.27mm/9.74mm/8.14mm
Shape/Cut – Oval Cabochon
Color – Grey
Treatments – None
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Chandramani or moonstone gemstone is associated with moon and it has countless purported metaphysical advantages. It is strong representative of gods/goddesses, which makes it most effective for balancing male and female energies for people of both the genders. Moonstone stimulates intuition that further includes dreaming and psychic mind that lets you have better perception and intuition ability. Moonstone promotes courage at the times when you need to face changes and challenges and it is also highly beneficial for reuniting lovers who may have fallen out due to some emotional difference. Chandramani or Moonstone can increase self-confidence and sensuality that lets you live a confident compassionate life.

    Generally, moonstone is a gem that promotes calm and peaceful mind that encourages faith in one’s ability and knowledge. As per the Roman scriptures, Greeks connected Moonstone with Moon Gods/goddesses along with Diana who was goddess of wealth, love, romance and fertility.

    Some amazing benefits of Chandramani or Moonstone are: 

    • Moonstone has been widely regarded throughout history as the holy and magical stone of love and as per folklores, couples who wear this will fall in everlasting love
    • The stone comprises feelings and heart while making decision along with reasoning and rational thinking. It improves wearer’s intuitive thinking
    • Moonstone or Chandramani is an excellent stone to use in meditation for understanding oneself.
    • It brings good fortune and helps you in maintaining passionate love with your partner
    • It effectively assists in bringing successes in career, love, and other business or professional matter
    • It lets you stay aware about future that saves you from coming dangers
    • Chandramani or Moonstone is amazing in reuniting quarrelling lovers by reigniting their passionate love
    • It is also known as the Protection stone that perfectly balances solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra of its wearer
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