• The mixed yellow citrine gemstone has its origin in Brazil and this Sunehla Citrine Topaz (yellow citrine) is widely known by the name of Jupiter Gemstone. It is quite commonly used in jewelry. Citrine topaz is a pleasing stone that has good color and it is also quite durable but it is slightly softer and has lesser brilliance than precious Topaz. It is commonly called as quartz topaz or topaz but such names can be confusing, and that is why citrine should not be teamed up with other kind of stones. It doesn’t include any type of subtle shading that is comprised by  precious topaz  and that’s why Citrine Topaz is priced lower than precious topaz. It is accessible in various shapes and sizes and they look quite brilliant in so many different jewelry sets.

    Citrine  topaz is one of the most fabulous gemstones known for man and it is also best substitute gem for natural yellow sapphire. Some of its amazing benefits are:

    • It harnesses Saatvik energies of Jupiter into its wearer
    • It is a member of the quartz family and it has rating of 7 on Mohs Scale
    • Citrine is also widely known as the best Merchants Stone
    • Wearing this will let your luck be in your favor which will let you enjoy amazing benefits in your business endeavor
    • Citrine Topaz is quite effective for increasing self esteem of its wearer which can be beneficial on education, business or professional fronts
    • Citrine is suggested by astrologer due to its amazing ability of providing protection from all types of negative energies
    • It is also quite beneficial for those who belong to creative careers as it opens the mind to new creative thoughts and it also promotes clarity of thoughts in its wearer
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