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Name of Gemstone – Malachite
Total Carat Weight – 41.20 Ct
Origin of Gemstone – Brazil
Approx Dimension – 31mm/27mm/5mm
Color of Gem – Green
Shape/Cut – Pear Cabochon
Astrologically- Very Effective

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  • Malachite gemstone has greatly powerful healing properties and it also includes high copper content that lets it have very steady pulsing electromagnetic energy field. It is very effective in absorbing negative energy and hence it protects wearer from negativity and balances their life energy. It creates a strong barriers around you that impedes all types negative energy and Malachite also have an excellent effect in helping you in taking action and making changes in your life where needed. It is responsible for enhancing intuition and creativity and it is highly helpful for human heart. It is quite significant for emotional and physical healing. It also provides psychic protection by concealing your energy field from negative entities. It is quite attractive to look and it has swirling patterns along with varying colors of green.

    As per scriptures, Malachite is originated from the Greek word Malache and it has been predominantly used to make jewelry and ornaments since 3000 BC. Malachite gemstone is found in a number of countries such as Zaire, Romania, Africa, Russia, Congo, Australia, Chile, USA and so on. where some of the best specimens come from. This stone is also found in South Africa, Romania, the Congo, Russia, Australia, Chile and the USA.

    Some of amazing benefits of Malachite Gemstone are:

    • Vibration of Malachite gemstone attracts people and it is greatly preferred for its metaphysical purposes
    • It protects wearers’ your auric field from any invasion by different earthbound energies and hence saves them from psychic attack
    • It saves wearer from so many life dangers and alerts about coming threats
    • Malachite activates all the chakras and it includes effective stabilizing energy that lets you feel balanced in life
    • It lets wearers’ relationships be harmonious as it opens heart of its wearer
    • It lets wearer to follow right path in life that leads towards success and it also clears all the obstructions from wearer’s path
    • It boosts willpower of wearer and lets you avid those things that are not good for you
    • It also enhances creativity
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