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Gemstone Name – Labradorite
Astrologically- Very Effective
Origin of Gemstone – Brazil
Carat Weight –  83.31 Cts
Color – Browinsh Grey
Dimension – 36mm/22mm/9mm
Treatments – None
Shape – Rectangular Cabochon

  • Labradorite gemstone allows wearers’ innate magical powers to come on surface as it enhances mental and intuitive abilities of its wearers. It is very important for enhancing skills related to clairvoyance or perception, prophecy, telepathy, and coincidence control and so on. Labrodite is also quite beneficial in assisting in communication with higher guides and spirits in the different astrological and spiritual practices like accessing Akashic records, past life recall or psychic readings. Labrodite is known for providing an ease in moving between the worlds in the most spiritual manner. It also allows a fully safe and grounded return of its wearer to present and this gemstone is widely regarded to pull good fortune in the most favorable fashion.

    Some of the Facts of Labrodite Gemstone & Related Benefits are:

    • A Labrodite gemstone awakens you with mystical and magical abilities along with some psychic powers. It is also quite effective in bringing constructive changes to your life
    • Vibration of Labrodite gemstone also holds a broad level of protection from all types of negativity energies that makes it befitting for solving ill will problems. It also works quite quickly
    • It charges you with a sense of excitement and adventure and lets you take steps needed to include for overall fulfillment
    • It includes number of interesting metaphysical properties as it protects your aura and it is also effective in clearing negativities from your life. It also prevents energy leaks
    • It provides energy to recharge you. It also stimulates psychic communication stabilities within your throat chakra
    • Labrodite is very useful in enhancing wearer’s intuitive abilities as it reenergizes your thought processes in an invigorating manner
    • Wearing Labradorite helps you in understanding your destiny in the most spiritual manner. It provides you path that leads towards ultimate success and aligns you with divine inspirations
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