Pink Sapphire

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Name of Gemstone – Pink Sapphire
Color of Gem – As Depicted
Total Carat Weight – 2.05 Ct (2.25 Ratti+)
Origin of Gemstone – Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Approx Dimension – 9.38mm/7.22mm/3.20mm
Shape/Cut – Oval Mixed
Treatment – None
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Gulabi Pukhraj or Pink sapphire is used to give strength to Sun and it is predominantly used as a best astrological substitute of Ruby gems. It is considered highly beneficial for all those who born under Zodiac sign Libra, and additionally, ascendants of Aries and Sagittarius may also get benefits from pink pukhraj.

    Color of Pink Sapphire Stone varies from a very pale pink to almost red that makes it one of the most coveted and loved gemstone of women. It is greatly significant as jewelry gemstone, and it further comprises some great spiritual and astrological benefits too. It has great benefits for those who work in army and it is also quite popular amongst chefs who are known for their great culinary skills. For being fully effective it is important that sapphire has high clarity/transparency and also has minimum inclusions. Pink Sapphires provided by are natural and best for all astrological purposes because they are untreated and unheated.

    Some amazing advantages of Gulabi Pukhraj or Pink Sapphire are:

    • Pink Sapphire provides financial prosperity and effective visibility in the public eye that makes it most preferred stones for professionals who mostly stay in limelight such as politicians, actors, or anchors.
    • It also has significant medical advantages for the people who have a weak digestive system.
    • It is important that the weight of the Pink Sapphire stone in carats correspond to 1/10th of your body weight in kilograms. ( e.g. 70kg weight = &carat Pink Sapphire)
    • Gulabi Pukhraj is related with Heart Chakra and it plays significant role in maintaining any relationship happy and fulfilling. It lets you stay open to give and accept love.
    • Gulabi Pukhraj assists in effectively healing of all the wounds of past and hence it dissolves all types of emotional blocks in one’s relationships.
    • It is highly effective in giving strength to the wearer in tough times. It brings feeling of forgiveness, acceptance and love.
    • Connoisseurs love using Gulabi pukhraj due to its durability, transparency, power and beauty.
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