• The Emerald gemstone is considered as the gemstone of Mercury and the people who have debilitated Mercury can gain great results by wearing this. It is green in color & hence it disperses greenish glow. Astrovedicgems.com provides emerald gemstone from small size to large size emerald in all quality, and all our gems are untreated and unheated. Mercury is planet of intelligence, communication, speech, commerce and trade that improves learning and communication abilities. Emerald gemstone aids you by channelizing all these properties in you and it is also beneficial for your nervous system. Emerald of at least 1.5 carat gives great benefits business and trade related activities. Emerald is quite beneficial for the professionals who work with computers.

    Emerald is quite preferably used as an effective remedy for Mercury in Indian Vedic Astrology as it is quite befitting for treating all the disorders in which any individual loses their equilibrium like epilepsy, Parkinson, dissociative or sclerosis disorders and so on. It increases concentration and it also lets the wearer be a very persuasive speaker.

    Some noticeable benefits of Emerald are:

    • Its association with mercury makes it stone of travelers as God Mercury is associated with travelling, indications and related omens
    • It offers great healing properties and watching emerald can improve one’s eye sight
    • It is effective for a controlling nervous system and if an individual is suffering with the problem of stammering or memory concentration then it is most befitting for them
    • It is best for those who are in professions of publishing, writing or also for those who need to handle lots of business deals
    • It is also greatly effective for those who cannot control over their tongue and speak anything anywhere and as a result, face lots of social problems. It lets them control on their over speaking habits
    • It is known as the ascendant of Gemini and Virgo
    • It improves prediction, perception, common sense, mental clarity and fortune
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