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Name of Gemstone – Alexandrite
Origin of Gemstone – Brazil Created
Approx Ct. Wt of Gemstone – 8.30 Cts
Approx Dimension of Gemstone – 12.00mm/12.00mm/7.00mm
Shape / Cut of Gemstone – Oval Faceted
Color of Gemstone – As Depicted
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Alexandrite is considered as one of the rarest colored gemstones that has an extremely rare color change variety of chrysoberyl which is a cyclosilicate. Chrysobery is an aluminate of beryllium which is classified as an independent mineral group. As per history It is considered that Alexandrite gemstone was named after the Russian King Alexander II (1818 – 1881) and was discovered by a French Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld who was a mineralist. It color change phenomenon is referred to as the alexandrite effect and it can display emerald green, orange, red and yellow colors as per the angle through which it is viewed. Main sources of Alexandrite have been Brazil, Myabmar, Tanzania, Sir Lanka, Madagascar and India. Alexandrite is known as the birthstone for the month of June and is also referred as the gemstone for 55th anniversary.

    Some of Noticeable Characteristically Associated Advantages of Alexandrite Stone are:

    • Alexandrite has positive effects on the health of its wearer which makes it desirable to be used in the different treatments of health problems like swollen lymph nodes, nervous system disorders, Spleen & testicles disorders or disorders in pancreas
    • It is also one of the most famous gemstones that has metaphysical properties as it assists in creating a sense of confidence in the wearer and hence it provides vital life energy in the life of wearer
    • It is also very helpful in fighting low self-esteem problems and many other emotional chronic issues
    • It is considered as a stone of good omen that can assist one in reinforcing self-esteem and concentrating on self
    • It is also extremely useful in balancing one’s emotional state and it also boost one’s confidence
    • It channelizes feeling of sensuality and love in your life, and it provides happiness and glory of success in wearer’s life
    • It also channelizes creativity, inner strength and awareness. It is effective in providing solutions of depressions and anxieties
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