Natural Aquamarine

$80.00 $75.00

Name of Gemstone – Aquamarine
Total Carat Weight – 6.20 Ct
Origin of Gemstone – Brazil
Approx Dimension – 14.89mm/10.96mm/6.37mm
Treatment – None
Shape/Cut – Oval
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Aquamarine or Beruj is considered as a semiprecious gemstone that lets the wearer be more expressive and communicative on different fronts of personal and professional lives. The stone channelizes perfect psychic and emotional balancing. Aquamarine has been associated with the effects of mystic healings and optimistic feelings. This is quite preferably carried by sea-farers and explorers as it brings good luck and protects from so many life dangers. It is also used to cure eyes and throat problems. The healing energies of aquamarine are used to effectively soothe the distress and pain that impede or delay one’s success.

    It is highly beneficial in situations where it is needed to take quick and positive decisions as it aids you in having a proper vision that helps you in making right choices. Wearer of Aquamarine can be witty, smart, sound judge of situations and quick decision maker.

    Some of the amazing benefits of Beruj Aquamarine:

    • It is highly effective in balancing energy flow of the body
    • Aquamarine restores the body by aptly equating physical and emotional energies
    • Aquamarine is known as birthstone for Pisces
    • It impacts financial conditions, behavior, relationships statuses of its wearer in the most constructive and spiritual manner
    • It includes best power to balance, regulate, and stabilize physical, mental and emotional aspects of its wearer that let them have a peaceful life
    • It stops unnecessary material cravings and other insecurities in the wearer’s mind and hence it frees them from all types of mental stresses.
    • It lets wearer be compassionate, loving and down to earth
    • It is blessed by powers of Neptune and hence it has ability to bless its wearer to have a loyal, faithful, eternal love with their partners
    • Aquamarine is highly beneficial for all those who have problem in communicating with other people due to shyness, lack of confidence or introvert nature. It lets wearer easily express their thoughts
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