Yellow Sapphire

$150.00 $140.00

Name of Gemstone – Yellow Sapphire
Total Carat Weight -6.38 Ct (7.00 Ratti+)
Origin of Gemstone – Bangkok
Size- 13.47mm/10.35mm/4.27mm
Color of Gem – Yellow
Shape/Cut – Oval Mixed
Treatment- None
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Jupiter is referred to as the goddess of forgiveness and, Yellow Sapphire is its gemstone, which is also known as pukhraj that conveys all the potential associated with planet Jupiter to its wearer. Such a wide range of yellow sapphires is available in the world and they vary in shape, feel, color intensity and flawlessness. Bangkok yellow sapphire and Ceylon yellow sapphire are two different classes of yellow sapphires and this difference is majorly base on their origin. Bangkok yellow sapphire has its birth stone month as July and it also called as Peela (yellow) pukhraj. Astrologers recommend it to those who influence society directly. It brings luck, success, and wisdom to their different personal and professional endeavors. It is highly preferred by leaders and businesspersons. It is believed that it brings fortune in marriages of its wearers and it offers healing to acute diseases.

    Some important facts & advantages of Bangkok Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Gemstone

    • Bangkok yellow sapphires are manufactured in industries and it originates mainly from Bangkok as their name suggests
    • It is mainly made from a combination of different elements that has main involvement of gold and silver.
    • It is quite deeper in color as it undergoes through a process known as heat treatment for them that provides them a reasonable amounts of clarity
    • Bangkok yellow sapphires are also well polished as they are manufactured and it is also not subject to mechanical damages
    • Bangkok Yellow sapphires are available at more affordable prices
    • Ruled by the Guru (i.e. planet Jupiter), it propels a person towards happiness and absolute fulfillment
    • It channelizes wisdom and knowledge that lets the wearer to follow right path and hence gain spiritual enlightenment
    • It balances Vishudha chakra and helps in communication abilities.  It also brings fortune in the fields of trade, teaching, analysis, law or business and so on
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