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Name of Gemstone – Tanzanite
Origin of Gemstone – Tanzania
Approx Ct. Wt of Gemstone – 16.60 Cts
Approx Dimension of Gemstone – 18.04mm/12.92mm/7.62mm
Shape / Cut of Gemstone – Oval Cabochon
Color of Gemstone – As Depicted
Astrologically- Very Effective


  • Tanzanite is considered as a stone of transmutation that shifts from lilac-blue to sapphire blue and then into deep blue-violet. An stunning Gemstone of the 20th Century, Tanzanite is first promoted by the New York jewelers and later it has got lots of popularity. It has pleochroistic property that provides the shift in colors when crystal is viewed from different angles. Tanzanite is one of the most valuable metaphysical crystal that is predominantly used for spiritual exploration, enhancement of all aspects of psychic power and communication. It has vibration energy that makes it helpful in uniting the mind and heart. It also lets its wearer live with compassionate heart and illumined mind. It is a relatively rare gemstone, which makes it costly and it can only be found in Merelani Hills in Tanzania which is in East Africa.

    Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 and is got its name from its origin country. It is one of the most excellent crystals for naives for their exploration towards psychic powers due to its protective nature. It lets clairvoyant Brow Chakra open gradually that prevents psychic impressions from becoming excessive. For third eye awakening, circling of Tanzanite in clockwise direction is done, while for closing third eye, it should be rotated anticlockwise. The blue color of Tanzanite reflects color energy of the sky that marks beginning of life and emotion. It is understood that blue crystals bring trust, patience, faith, and respect in wearer’s life.

    Some of the amazing benefits of Tanzanite are:

    • It provides healing and balancing energy. It is also a prime source of spiritual and color energy
    • It is also preferred as a workplace stone as it is quite calming and soothing. It is good for removing communication difficulties
    • It quite efficiently aids in sharing spiritual information and knowledge from a heart-centered perspective that makes it best stone for counselors
    • As a jewelry, it brings self awakening qualities in its wearer
    • It also strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the blood, and hence improves vitality
    • It is extremely useful in treating psychological disorders, nervous tension and stresses
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