• As per the Indian astrology, Moonga or red coral is associated with planet Mars and this gemstone can be effectively worn by people for whom Mars is lord of an auspicious house. If one’s Mars is debilitated, weak, combust, and creating any types of Mangal Dosha in their natal chart then red coral will be extremely helpful for them. It may remove all the weakness associated with Mars and it also minimizes Dasha and Antar Dasha’s influence of Mars. It is helpful in boosting energy and confidence by eliminating all types of fear and bad dreams and helps you in dominating enemies and other competitors.

    Cabochon Red Coral Gemstone has strong healing qualities among gemstones and it is distinguished from other gems due to its property of being a product of skeleton of ocean’s creatures. It comprises characteristics such as vitality, vigor and stamina. It is highly effective for all the men in uniforms like people from police or military as they would require energy source of red Coral for leading successful life.

    Some amazing benefits of Cabochon Red Coral Gemstone:

    • It is quite good for better fortune and it is also apt for enhancement of will power and determination. People with an association of Mars have to adopt red Coral or Moonga.
    • It is predominantly used as a remedy for Mars (Mangal) in Indian Vedic Astrology and that’s why it’s one of the most preferred stones of Astrologers
    • Egyptian quite popularly used Coral to put it on graves for keeping the evil spirits at bay as they believed that Coral was formed from the blood of Gorgon Medusa and that’s why it removes all negativities of spirits and evils.
    • Iranian people use Coral for safeguarding them from black magic and physical illnesses
    • Women facing menopause, can use Moonga as a protector against negative energies
    • It is effective in proper blood circulation and bones and tissues related problems.
    • Newly wedded couples, surgeons, dentists should absolutely wear the Red Coral or Moonga
    • It may be highly effective in curing breast cancer of women
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