Opal Gemstone

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Name of stone: Opal Gemstone
Color – White
Origin of Gemstone – Opal
Carat Weight – 13.80 Carat
Approx Dimension of Gemstone – 24mm/13mm/6mm
Shape/Cut – Oval Cabochon
Treatments – None
Astrologically- Very Effective

  • Opal gemstones are considered as the gems of beauty, wealth, charm, and divine grace. It has properties that are similar to Sapphire and it is a form of the silica mineral (silicon dioxide). Differing from other mineral crystals, opal lacks a proper crystalline structure but still it includes clearly defined properties. As per scriptures; enigmatic opal gemstone has been associated with superstitious powers and it empowers a person to have a luxurious and fulfilling life. Opal bestows power of fulfillment to the wearer and hence quite spiritually enhances their financial prosperity.

    The most unique property of opal gemstone is its ability to add its sense of mystery and fascination through its brilliant property of scattering light, which lets it create every possible color in the visible spectrum. For such visual treat, you only need to expose it to light at specific angles and such phenomenon is known as diffraction of light on opal’s surface. It is extremely beneficial for all those who are in businesses related to imports, exports, tourism or travels.

    It offers amazing physical and spiritual healing effects. Some of its amazing benefits are:

    • The Opal Gemstones are greatly preferred for its effects of love, lusciousness and compassion. It is one of the most sensual Gemstones and it is greatly beneficial for lovers.
    • Opal is connected with beauty, creativity, intellect and good fortune. It is quite beneficial for people connected to tourism, media and businesses
    • It is quite popular as jewelry and mostly used in rings and bracelets and it can be worn without thinking about person’s horoscope
    • It is also quite beneficial for nervous and immune systems of its wearer
    • Opal gemstone quite aptly works on the Sahasrara chakra that is understood as human beings’ connection with universal consciousness
    • Opal as a ring or stone brings luck, power and high status in society for its wearer
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