8 Mukhi Ganesha Rudraksha

$130.00 $120.00

Type of Rudraksha – 8 Mukhi Ganesha Rudraksha
Origin of Rudraksha – Nepal
Approx Weight – 02.724 gms.
Approx Dimension – 21mm/20mm/19mm
Shape of Rudraksha – Oval Bead
Treatment of Rudraksha -Natural
Astrologically: Very Effective


  • Ganesha Rudraksha is associated with Lord Ganesha and its designing resembles Lord Ganesha as it has a protrusion just in the shape of a trunk as seen in the face of Ganesh. It is known as highly effective for providing relief from all obstacles and world miseries and it channelizes wealth and fulfillments in the life of its wearer. All types of worldly pleasures are bestowed in the life of wearer in the form of Ganesha’s blessings. Astrologers advice this Rudraksha for increasing intelligence in wearer and it also makes a person capable to overcome all the daunting situations of life. Ganesh Rudraksha is considered best for bringing luck and success into wearer’s life and with the help of this, one can be relieved from all types of sufferings. Wearing this Rudraksha before starting any new business or venture will for sure guarantee success of wearer as it is most effective for all such purposes. Wisdom, knowledge, prudence, creativity and intellect are channelized into wearer’s life in the form of blessings of Lord Ganesha.

    Some amazing advantages of Ganesh Rudraksha are:

    • It is extremely helpful in overcoming all types of conflicts and disharmony amongst friends, partners and lovers.
    • Wearing Ganesha Rudraksha on Ganesh Chaturthi fulfills all the desires of wearers. It emits positive energy that heals wearer in the most beneficial and spiritual manner
    • Removing all types of obstacles and impediments from wearer’s life is one of the prime feature of Ganesh Rudraksha and by doing so it brings luck in wearer’s life in the most fulfilling manner
    • It efficiently pacifies all the ill effects of Ketu and hence it protects wearer from negativity of Ketu and other destructive planetary arrangements
    • It is also extremely beneficial in increasing concentration and creative abilities of wearer along with intuitive and perceptive powers
    • It also channelizes benefits of planet Jupiter that lets wearer be intelligent as Jupiter channelizes intelligences and education in wearer
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