4 Face Rudraksha

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Type of Rudraksha – 4 Mukhi Rudraksha
Origin of Rudraksha – Nepal
Carate Weight – 02.6111 gms.
Approx Dimension – 17.21mm/17.05mm/16.05mm
Shape of Rudraksha – As Depicted
Treatment of Rudraksha – (None) 100% Natural
Astrologically: Very Effective


  • Four Mukhi rudraksha is considered as a form of Lord Brahma and it is a symbol of four Veda. It represents energy of Brihaspati and hence channelizes knowledge and wisdom into the life of wearer. It is very effective to gain spiritual powers, salvation and supreme bliss. Astrologers, for students, suggest it as it offers great benefits in learning and attaining knowledge. 4 Mukhi Rudraksha is helpful for those who are looking for success in educational fields or those who belong to professions related to public speaking and so forth.

    Solutions for the problems like poor memory or evil thought are also aptly provided by 4 Mukhi Rudraksha. It is very effective in channelizing four levels of knowledge Waking state, dreaming state, deep sleep and super conscious state into its wearer that opens the path of success and supreme bliss. Wearer of four mukhi Rudraksha is purified and recharged with positive vibrations, that remove all the issues associated with laziness, unwanted dreams, excessive sleeping and so on. Wearer gets a constant zeal to move on the path of success with absolute determination and outcomes turn favorable.

    Some advantages & characteristics of Four Mukhi Rudraksha are:

    • it is helpful in providing supreme bliss and liberation from world miseries
    • It comprises power of Brahma that lets wearer have better knowledge, learning, creative and decision making ability. It is very useful for students
    • It removes all the malefic effects of mercury and it is advised for researchers, scientists, journalists, writers and artists
    • It provides relief from throat, respiratory and thyroid problems. It is advised for the solutions of hay fever and bronchitis sorts of health issues
    • It is associated with Brihaspati who is guru of all dieities
    • It free wearer from all sins of murder and open the path of enlightenment
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