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Untreated & Unheated Gemstones for Vedic Astrology & Ayurveda

With a motivation to heal human beings through energy healing of Original Gemstones, we believe in our mission of serving humankind. Unlock the magic of Health, Happiness & Healing via Original Gemstones because Copies Fade Too Fast.

Stay Original & Stay with Original.

With such a motivation, Astrovedicgems.com is established in the year 2012, and we provide natural and genuine gemstones to our global customers quite efficaciously. Gemstone-Experts comprised by Astrovedicgems.com are the masters of this field and we guarantee that with us, you will get absolute fulfillment. We provide crystals and gemstones that will let you feel the therapeutic channelization of life energy in you, which will reinvent and rejuvenate your life. We can say with absolute confidence that the Gemstones and Crystals provided by us include crystal clear purity of 24 caret.

Our gemstones are untreated and unheated.

Astrovedicgems.com is the best and most reliable gemstone service provider and we include the largest collections of all types of original gemstones, additionally, we offer the best customer services along with the most comprehensive library where all the gemstone information is easily and authentically available. We are well reputed as the top recommended untreated and unheated stone supplier. Astrovedicgems.com have been serving the community of different reputed Vedic astrologers and their clients by providing top quality original gemstones that are preferably used for the Jyotish, Astrology, Horoscope, Ayurveda, Healing and other same types of spiritual practices.

We comprise experts who are well specialized in rare gems, calibrated gemstones, top grade gems, matching pairs, crystals, gemstone lots, cat’s eye gemstones, carved gemstones, star gemstones, Birthstone Jewellery, Astrological Gems, Rudraksha Seeds, Clearance Gems, Collectible Gems and so on. We regularly come with new arrivals, and updates regarding our top selling categories and popular gemstones are also available for our users. We let you know about all the buzzing trends about gemstones and our services are quick, reliable and come with convenient shipping and shopping options.

With us, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

All the gemstones that we sell are accurately described to the very best of our knowledge and hence we try to let you accurately know about the gem type, weight, size, color, shape, origin, clarity and so on. Gemstones and crystals provided by us revitalize you and hence, let you breathe a new life in a more invigorated, and spruced up manner.

Registered Corporation:
Hindu Temple USA. ORG INC is a well known registered Pooja services firm with the NJ Division of Revenue. We also have a Certificate of Incorporation or a Certificate of Authority to do this particular legal business in this State.