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Natural Jyotish Gemstones

Gemstones are created in the womb of nature in several million years and they hold metaphysical properties that may alter our moods in a constructive fashion. They comprise immensely powerful healing properties and that is why they have been popularly considered as a remedy for a spectrum of ailments for thousands of years. Here, at Astrovedicgems, we lay out a field guide to the top selling categories of gemstones that are highly predominant for encouraging vitality and boosting creativity. Our untreated & unheated Gemstones constitute all their naturality without artificial adulteration and that is why they are quite effective in warding off negative energy.

Shop Astrological Gemstones according to their Corresponding Planets

Ruling Planet Sign Ruled Primary Gem Secondary Gem
3rd Choice 4th Choice
Sun Leo Ruby Red Spinel Rhodolite Rubellite
Moon Cancer Natural Pearl Tissue Nucleated Pearl South Sea Pearl Moonstone
Mars Aries, Scorpio Red Coral Carnelian -- --
Mercury Gemini, Virgo Emerald Green Tourmaline Peridot --
Jupiter Sagittarius, Pisces Yellow Sapphire Yellow Topaz Citrine --
Venus Taurus, Libra Diamond White Sapphire Phenakite White Zircon
Saturn Capricorn, Aquarius Blue Sapphire Blue Spinel Amethyst --
Rahu -- Hessonite (Gomed) Spessartite -- --
Ketu -- Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye -- -- --

Gemstone Identification: How to Identify Gemstones

 “Healing doesn’t mean that damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our lives.” As this famous proverb says that damages may occur, but once you start healing yourself constructively, you get the key of your control in your hand, not the damages or negativity. Gemstones provide you that key, which maximize your energy for life and guide you towards a path where you can unlock the magic of Health, Happiness & Healing, which is our prime motive and vision. By sticking with originality, we provide you therapeutic gemstones with twenty-four-carat crystal clear purity.

Get Untreated & Unheated Natural Jyotish Quality Astrologically approved Gemstones at Best Prices

The best Indian Astrologer & Gemstones Astrology consultants Empower you with the most personalized Free Astrology Horoscope Analysis and Reading Services that enable you to live a positive and productive life beyond the shackles of negative energy.

Get best Gemstone Remedies by Consulting Vedic Jyotish Pandit JI

The solutions to all your personal and professional problems are offered by Gemstone consultancy that is based on Indian Vedic Astrology. Your consultant will guide you about the best-suited stone for you as per your horoscope gemstones that will eventually channelize utmost positivity in your life via some constructive vibrations that guarantee natural healing and health benefits.

Key Features of Astrovedic Gemstones

• Get Lucky Gem (Birthstone) According to Your Date of Birth
• Find Good Luck Stones for Success And Wealth
• Personalized & Pure Crystals for Wealth, Prosperity and Success
• Pure Natural Vedic Gems (Rashi Ratan) for Attracting Money, Prosperity, and Fortune
• The most suitable Gemstones for Students Study, Mental Focus, andConcentration
• Lucky Gemstone for Career, Business, Love & Relationships
When you buy Lab certified natural gemstones online at cheap & wholesale Price from India, you get the Unheated-Untreated lucky stones for Zodiac signs. Channelization of positive energy ensures spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and self-realization for you. Vedic Jyotish Pandit Ji is well aware of Navratna Nine gemstones to Enhance Spiritual Awareness.

Gemstone Properties: Metaphysical & More

Jyotish Gemstone or an Astrological Gemstone can be understood as Gem that Pandit Ji suggests according to the sacred Astrological principles of Jyotisha. Opting for such services will bring a new dawn of positivity, productivity, prosperity and peace in your life.

However, buying untreated Gem is inevitable, and a Jyotish Gemstoneand Astrovedic Gems will ensure this for you.